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WOw, great JOB

Wow, im just taken back by this. That was AMAZING. Wow, i must show everyone i know.

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I liked it

I thought th first part of the song was great, but definitely needed to be more diverse. The drums were good, but not great when only playing by themselves.

I think that oyu should not have had both parts of the song together, they just didnt fit well, and they seemed like two different songs.

The clarity was good, originality pretty good, diversity ok..., and the effort pretty good.

The song overall deserves an 8 in my opinion. It was a good first song, good luck with your others.

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tHis sounds a lot like Beatiful things, but isnt quite as good. I do think you should try a different style of drumming. I think the hip hop beats are getting kind of old, and maybe you should diversy the drums e.g. use congo drum or triangles, or whatever! just something besides rimshots and bass drums. Sorry if what ive been saying sounds negative, but i think that the style does not fit in with the song too well.

Once again a great mood setter, I enjoyed it!

I liked it!

Very different than a lot of entries. I liked the whole forest scene thing with the thunder and all. Near the end however, the notes of the flute started to sound dischordant.

I enjoyed the strings. There was one part in the piano that repeated a couple a times, the crscendo i believe, it was EXCELLENT and always worked well.

I do think this song could have been shortened and still given the same effect, and also the cymbal crashes were not too good, maybe a softer one would have been better.

I think the intro is great with the drums and thunder like that!

By the way, this song is a great mood setter, and really displays its intended emotions. Good job!

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